Meet Our Professional Team

N Shanesh

Founder & Managing Director

An eminent person with zealous aspiration, pioneer of the path motivation training centre. Who believes in creative thinking and dynamic personality. “one day Stepping Stone Stands as a Statue in Another day”. Always with open minded and down to earth personality.

Dr. B. R. Dakshayani Reddy


Iconic of the women step’z into the innovation world.The cherishing person with professionalism.Looks for perfection and visualized excellence in education. In education turns to goals ; goals turns to self- dynamics ; and individual development turn to good citizens; Good citizens leads the good nation. She is the person with unique characters and truly genius. She is proven as a well planner, executer and good leader.

M. Satish Kumar Reddy

Technical Adviser

He is a symbol of simple and humble personality. He is a versatile person to support always the team with positive mind. Good leader to lead the team into technical world. He tries to bring the excellence in technical outcome of the present generation.


Project Manager

As a Project Manager, his strengths are both in OD and Business Consulting. His rigor in engagement ensures that we connect to our clients and their context. His insights add critical value in our Interventions. His experience across domains and verticals brings the Deep Generalist strengths to all our assignments. He adds intangible business value to every meeting, and can grasp the context of situations extremely well.
“ Commitment to partner with our clients”.

Neelima J.

Program Co-Ordinator

Simple formula to organized programs. Enlighten with perfectionism. Strong expertise in applying flexible change management deliverables, including training, communications, and stakeholder engagement. She has an excellence on Collaborating with Ops, Finance, and other stakeholders to develop remediation plans.
"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."