About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To serve nation by developing good attitude of the young people through life skills and soft skills programs. To design new generation citizens to lead the country with positive attitude.

Our Vision

To shape the character of young generation through excellence in training, and to form anindividual goals and to serve for nation through quality of training and motivation.

Welcome To Path Motivation

Established in the year 2013, Path Motivation Training Centre is an independent forum founded by N. Shanesh  and Dr. B. R. Dakshayani Reddy. The purpose of the company is to promote healthy and quality of life style through behavioral modification of the young children and youth in the society.

We targeted to train the young generations from various schools and colleges. We believe that they are “the prospective citizens to uphold the Nation”.

We adopted various techniques to modify the attitude of young children and youth towards life. Configure them with humanity and respect towards the Nation by conducting personality development, motivational classes, innovative methods, critical thinking methods and life skills & soft skills programs. Also we train in the personal hygiene in the children. Especially for girls we are providing menstrual hygiene techniques. Our established programs also designed to give awareness on Bad touch and sex education for teenage groups.

We are committed to provide an authentic and quality of training which enhances the knowledge and skills of young minds. Our programs nurture the young children to shape their character. We desire to help students to develop and embrace a biblical view of the world, integrate that view into their lives, engage their culture with discernment and become contributing members of society in a manner that brings “Good Individual Life and Good Nation”. 

Path Motivation Training Centre has roots in training the trainers program. We are constantly working on updated knowledge. In the concern to that we are conducting training sessions to our trainers. It’s a brilliant chance to introspect themselves and optimizing all. We believe in “The well self-grooming person can shape others to groom well”.